How to Calculate Your Flight Time

You might wonder how long you will actually be on the flight, because many things could happen or you might not be sure if the time given is that accurate. Thankfully, there are many ways you can check how long your flight time will be. Here are some ways you can calculate your flight time.


Go Online

An effective method is to find a website online that is made to track travel times. One quick online search will lead you to tons of different sites for you to choose from. Some sites will even let you choose wind speeds or kind of aircraft, which will help you find a more accurate estimate.

If you got a good estimate from a website or got one from an airline but your flight does not match that time, there are some things that you should know. If your flight gets delayed by more than 3 hours, you are entitled to get compensation from the airline. Lets say you were supposed to fly to Finland with Wizzair during winter holidays, in order to get to Lapland. If you search for Wizz Air – Lennon peruuntumisen korvaus, you are likely to find help. You can receive 600 euros from the airline if they made mistakes and mess up your travel plans. If you do not know a lot about flight compensation, you can easily get help from to quickly claim your compensation.

Once you find the websites, you just need to fill out the necessary blank areas like the airport codes where you will arrive and depart, add wind speeds, etc. If you are not sure what the wind speeds are, some websites will offer you Seasonal option to get an estimate of different season’s wind speeds. After everything is filled out, you just have to click calculate to get your estimate and be aware that it is only an estimate, not an accurate measurement.

Calculate Time Zones

Something that you might find tricky at first is calculating time zones. First, you will want to write down your departure and arrival times and use the local times for your airport. For instance, you would use the Pacific time zone if you were departing in California and the Eastern Time Zone if you were arriving in New York. The airport normally posts the departure and arrival times at the local airport’s time zone.

The next step is to convert the times to GMT or Greenwich Mean Time because this will help you calculate. For example, it is -5 hours GMT for New York City so you would add 5 hours if you leave at 6 AM, which means it is 11 AM GMT. it is -8 hours GMT for California, so add 8 hours to 9:30 AM (if arriving at that time) then you will have 5:30 PM GMT. You can use an online calculator or a search engine to easily convert the times for you.

Use an online calculator

Now you just have to count the difference in departure and arrival times. You can do this yourself or just use an online calculator to help you. Since this method does not add weather, wind, type of aircraft, etc. this is a rough estimate of how long you will be in the air.

If you are wondering how to calculate your flight time, worry no longer. It is very easy and you can put your mind at ease once you get a good idea how long your flight will take.